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Birth Certificate

If parents were not married at the time of birth, please send copy of photo ID to

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The Haverhill City Clerk's Office issues certified copies of the records of birth of those individuals who were born in Haverhill or whose parents resided in Haverhill at the time of the individual's birth. If the birth record requires identification (a record is not accessible to the general public if the parents were unmarried at the time the child was born, and have not since married and amended the birth record, or if the father's name does not appear on the record) the record can only be released if a copy of a photo id of a person listed on the record is received by the office via email ( or by fax (978) 373-9480. If you are not certain whether a birth record is filed here, call the office for confirmation at 978-374-2312 before ordering, refunds take 2-4 weeks to process.

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