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Yard Sale Permit

Yard Sale Permits MUST be purchased by Thursday evening in order to be received and processed for the weekend on Friday

To avoid delay in processing, please enter the number of permits you would like in the the quantity field. Each Yard Sale date requires a permit.


Accepted payment types:
Checking Account
American Express
Visa Credit Card
Visa Debit Card
MasterCard Credit Card
MasterCard Debit Card
Discover Credit Card
Discover Debit Card
Important Messages

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing all transactions. Yard Sale permits will be sent by email.

Permit is required for posting on fences, walls, trees and poles: No person shall post on or affix to any fence, wall, tree box, post, pole, including utility poles, or other structure within or bordering on the lines of any public street, way or ground any bill, placard, notice, poster or advertising design without first obtaining from the Chief of Police a permit thereof, nor shall any such matter be posted or affixed to a billboard or bulletin board without the previously obtained consent of the owner thereof. – Ch 213-3, Haverhill City Code”

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