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Dog License - Male/Female (RENEWALS ONLY)

Note: Dog Licenses are due before March 31st. Each dog licensed after March 31st will be charged a $10 late fee in addition to the cost of each license.

Males/Females not fixed: $16, already includes a $1.00 mailing fee.
Neutered/Spayed: $12, already includes a $1.00 mailing fee.

!! STOP if your DOG IS SPAYED or NEUTERED!!   To pay for Spayed or Neutered, return to the left panel, select City Clerk, then Dog License – Spayed or Neutered (RENEWALS ONLY) or you may be charged a higher fee (which is non-refundable)

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If you are unsure if your Rabies Certificate is current with City Hall, please contact the Clerk's office at or or call (978) 630-4058 with any questions.

If Rabies is NOT up to date we cannot process the request.

Rabies certificates can be emailed to or
Price includes Shipping & Handling.
ACH (Electronic Check) customers – please allow 4-5 business days for processing.