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Renewal Dog License

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Notice to Dog Owners in Winchester:

Dog License Renewal Letters will be mailed out on February 26, 2021 to all dog owners on file with the Winchester Town Clerk.

You will have until April 15, 2021 to license your dog online without penalty.  If you have a rabies certificate on file that is valid (look at last years dog license) you can use the online service to renew without waiting for the letter from the Town Clerk.

Dog licenses are issued annually.

Dog licenses are valid from January 1 - December 31st each year. Renewal Dog Tags were due April 15, 2021.  All dogs currently on file will be subject to a $10.00 late fee.

RENEWALS: We are only able to process online dog licenses if we have a current rabies certificate on file for your dog.

Please fax 781-721-1153 or email here the rabies certificate prior to completing the online payment.

Please Note: As you are registering online for your dog's license, there is a $.50 cart fee for an ACH transaction, a $3.95 fee for Debit card transactions and the fee schedule below for credit card transactions. (This is explained on the Welcome page).  Fee Schedule