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Our annual 4th of July Parade continues to be deep in tradition and one of the major regional events that brings our entire community together to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our nation.  
We will place 50 flags for a donation of $100 along your Hingham home, business, or place of worship for one week then be by to collect them. You may also order flags to donate to someone else.  We will leave one flag on your lawn as a reverent sign of your support for the United States, our servicemen & servicewomen stationed around the world, and the 4th of July Parade!

Many are surprised to learn that no tax dollars are spent on the parade, which is funded 100% through private and corporate donations.  As the parade has grown, so have the expenses.

The effort to orchestrate all of the parade needs is enormous and without the generous community contributions, business sponsorship, and several fundraising events, including the “50 Flags Campaign", our 4th of July Parade would not be possible.

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