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Transfer Station Permits

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$10.00 - $270.00
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Accepted payment types:
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Smart Permit 1st car = $70.00

Smart Permit 2nd car = $10.00

Regular Permit 1st car = $270.00

Regular Permit 2nd car = $20.00

Smart Replacement Permit = $10.00

Regular Replacement Permit = $15.00

New Resident Permit Fee = $135.00


Payment Types

EFT .50 per cart

Credit card $2.50 per $100

Debit card flat $3.95

Once you submit your request for a transfer permit Town Clerk’s Office will process it the next day and mail it to the resident.

Please allow time for processing.  Print out the online payment receipt for access to the Transfer Station until the paper permit arrives in the mail.

Thank you. Town Clerk