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Bulk Stickers

Please call the Health Dept. 978-465-4410 ext 1 for recycled mattress option.

$5.00 - $40.00
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  • Trash stickers are $5 each and are for furniture and rugs only, no construction material, no metal or electronic items.
  • Mattress stickers for the trash are $20 per piece and can be purchased here.
  • To recycle a mattress ($15 per piece) please call the Health Dept. at 978-465-4410 ext. 1 to make arrangements for the once a month curbside pick-up program.
  • You can also bring any bulk items, including construction debris; to a transfer station such as Mello Disposal,
  • Electronics, metal goods, large plastic items go to the Newburyport Recycling Center (open Monday and Thursdays from 12.15-2.15 pm and the first Saturday of each month from 8 am – 12 pm-weather permitting).
  • You will receive your sticker by mail in approximately 3-5 days. Place sticker on your item by 7 am of your regular trash day.
  • You can only put out one item per week but you can purchase more than one sticker at a time.

You have two (2) options for paying your bills; either by electronic check or by credit card.
There is no fee when paying by electronic check. The credit card fee is based on a sliding scale per transaction. 
To see the credit card fee schedule click on the following (Fee Schedule)

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