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MLC Request

Do not proceed with your payment unless you know of the correct MLC category.
Please call the Collector's office at 413-322-5530 to confirm category.

There is no processing fee when paying with your electronic check.

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$51.00 - $151.00
 Select MLC Category is required.
 Parcel ID is required.
 Owner's Name is required.
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 Sale or Refinance is required.
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Accepted payment types:
Checking Account
American Express
Visa Credit Card
Visa Debit Card
MasterCard Credit Card
MasterCard Debit Card
Discover Credit Card
Discover Debit Card

By law the Collector’s office has 10 business days to furnish a completed MLC to the requestor. Although the certificates are usually prepared within 3-4 business days depending on how involved the request is and on peak collection times in the Collector’s office, we advise that you allow 10 days when making a request.  
Request for service in less than 10 business days will be charged a Rush Fee of $25.00. 

Price of Municipal Lien Certificate:  
Residential 1-3 Family - $50.00
Residential 4 or More Family - $100.00 
Commercial - $125.00 
Mix Use (Residential & Commercial) - $125.00 
Rush Fee $25.00
Shipping & Handling Fee $1.00


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